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Nuclear Attack & Bugging In

1pm - 3pm

Our Saviour's Atonement Lutheran Church

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Nuclear Attack & Bugging In

This meeting is going to be on what to do during & after a nuclear  attack. We are also going to talk about bugging in during a nuclear  attack & the supplies you'll need. In light of a couple of events in  the past couple of days, we are going to start focusing on the current  issues at hand & prepare for those potential disasters.

There will be a $10 donation at this meeting as this covers the room expense.

Our Saviour's Atonement Lutheran Church:

178 Bennett Avenue at 189th Street

New York, NY 10040

1pm - 3pm

Our Saviour's Atonement Lutheran Church


Winter Emergency Preparedness Retreat

2/7/202: 3pm - 2/9/2020: 12pm

Mohican Outdoor Center

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Winter Emergency Preparedness Retreat


This is the New York City Prepper's Winter Emergency Preparedness Retreat. This event is a weekend long event & worth the attendance. The following events will be taught, discussed, and or demonstrated. You will also get hands-on experience in some of the events. This will be a winter based theme so we will be teaching about winter survival techniques, shelter building, & fire starting.

Please follow the instruction on reserving a room. The deadline is DECEMBER 7, 2019.  After DECEMBER 30, 2019 the rates might increase. So please call as soon as possible to reserve your spot. Also give them our RESERVATION NUMBER: 458524

~ Reserve your space by December 30, 2019 and receive 2019 rates

~ Rates are per person, per night and include lodging only

~ When reserving by gender, roommate requests cannot be accommodated and we are unable to guarantee that you will be roomed with other group members.

~ Earlybird discount available for meals reserved 8 or more days prior to arrival ** 6.625% NJ Room and Meals Tax is not included

Join AMC today and receive member rates!

SPACE IS LIMITED. Please call AMC Contact Service Center by December 7th , 2019 to reserve. Reservations received after this date will be on a space available basis.

Instructions for Booking Your Stay:

1. Call the Contact Service Center at 603-466-2727 Mon-Sat, 9 am to 5 pm

2. Ask to reserve into NYC Prepper's Network & Reservation number is 458524

3. Provide food allergy information and vegetarian requests

4. Payment in full is required when you reserve. We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover.

5. Cancellation Policy varies by service level and destination: Please refer to your confirmation of reservation.




1. How To Dress In The Cold & Quick Tips

2. Survival Mentality


3. Winterize Bug Out Bags

4. Heating Gear for Bugging Out or Camping

5. Basic Knots

6. Fire Starting In The Cold

7. Winter Wilderness First Aid

8. Hot Tent (Tentatively)

9. Knife Safety

10. Winter Shelter Building


We will have carpooling & possibly rent a van to get people up there. If you need transportation. Please reach out to us so that we can make the proper arrangements on renting a van. Thank you & hope to see you there.


Mohican Outdoor Center                

50 Camp Mohican Rd.                

Blairstown, NJ

2/7/202: 3pm - 2/9/2020: 12pm

Mohican Outdoor Center

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About Us

NYC Prepper's Network is an emergency preparedness group that deals with urban, wilderness survival for city dwellers that are concerned with preparing for disasters. Some of us don’t live in a house, have garages, wells, basements or attics to store our survival gear in. Most of us live in apartments. City occupants face a different set of challenges. Space, Food Storage, Water, Security, Sanitation, Evacuation Routes & many other issues are of a great concern for city dwellers. NYC Prepper's Network will work to solve these issues by teaching, sharing, & learning. The group is also the NYC affiliate of American Preppers Network (APN) on the national level.

The Goal: The goal is to create a community network of like minded individuals who share their knowledge of all things related to self sufficiency. This covers a broad range of topics but it all boils down to establishing a network of folks to share ideas with, learn from and eventually hope to trust should the need arise.

Commitment: Prepping takes some sort of commitment. Attending the meetings & events also takes commitment. We know that everyone has a busy life & that life has more pressing issues to attend to but we look for committed members in our group. Commitment shows that you are willing to learn, show, & become a better prepper.

This is NOT a political, religious, or conspiracy group. All are welcome. Please email with any topics of interest you want addressed or if you have a specialty you'd like to share. 


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